TradeTech FX USA 2018

February 12-February 14, 2018

Eden Roc Hotel, Miami FL.

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Day 2 - Wednesday 14th February 2018

8:00 AM - 8:55 AM Registration and Breakfast

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Women On Wall Street Think Tank: How can the FX industry better attract, develop and retain top female talent?

Jennifer Litwin, Senior Vice President, Head of Relationship Management, Greenwich Associates


Jennifer Litwin

Senior Vice President, Head of Relationship Management
Greenwich Associates

8:55 AM - 9:00 AM Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Michael Melvin, Executive Director, Rady School of Management UCSD


Michael Melvin

Executive Director
Rady School of Management UCSD

New Frontiers In FX Trading

9:00 AM - 9:30 AM Head Trader Keynote Panel: The dealing room of tomorrow- What are the top priorities for the buy side FX global heads over the next 12 months?

Michael Melvin, Executive Director, Rady School of Management UCSD Sash Sarangi, Head of FX Trading, FDO Partners
  • What are the major buy side priorities for FX in 2018 and how will this change trading and investment structures?
  • How are trading desks being re-structured to facilitate the development of traders and PMs in a new market order?
  • Where is the investment in new technology going in order to focus trading resources where they are truly needed?
  • With more impetus on the buy side and a reduction in price making and liquidity provision from the sell side, how should you change the roles of your traders to prosper in a new market structure?


Michael Melvin

Executive Director
Rady School of Management UCSD

Sash Sarangi

Head of FX Trading
FDO Partners
  • A change in the historical universe of liquidity providers- What is the value proposition of non-bank liquidity providers (NBLP) and what are the potential benefits they can bring?
  • Liquidity partner selection- what are the key parameters you should assess when considering partnering with NBLP?
  • Risk warehousing, market impact, and quality of liquidity provision- Where do the key similarities and differences lie between NBLP and traditional banks?
  • How can asset managers establish credit relationships and access them from a distribution perspective and how can you tap into this resource without affecting your current relationships?
  • More than spot- What other FX products are non-bank liquidity providers opening up liquidity for?


Paul Shahied

FX Trading
Fidelity Investments

David Newns

Global Head of Global Link Execution Services
State Street Global Markets

Jason Vitale

Chief Operating Officer FX Markets; Head of Client Execution Services
BNY Mellon

Jeremy Smart

Head of Distribution
XTX Markets

Steve Reich

Managing Director, FX and Commodities
GTS Securities

Javier Paz

Head of FX Coverage
Aite Group
  • Self-adapting and advanced learning algos- How are they built and how can you incorporate them into your FX workflow?
  • Algo best practices - What steps can be taken to ensure that your development and testing of algos doesn't create a rogue algo and what are regulators looking for regarding algo development and deployment?
  • Retaining the human element- What steps can you use to keep control and manage your algos to match the needs of changing market conditions?
  • Combining algos with relationships- How can algos be used to further enhance your relationships with sell side counterparts?
  • The future of algos- How far can algorithmic trading extend through FX markets and what will be the role of AI and machine learning in the future?


Justin Slaughter

Political and Business Consultant
Mercury Strategies (Former CFTC)

Danielle Caravetta

Director of Global Sales

David Wright

Global Head of Macro Electronic Trading
Morgan Stanley

Manuel Aarón Fajardo García

Principal and Chief Executive Officer of the Investment Manager
Ocean Capital Advisors LLC

Steven List

Head Trader
Alpha Simplex

10:50 AM - 11:20 AM Morning Refreshment Break

Special Guest Speaker

11:20 AM - 11:50 AM Special Guest Speaker: Applying ‘The Big Short’ to today’s market- How to use out-of-the-box thinking to drive your fund profitability in the next 3 years

Steve Eisman, The inspiration behind ‘The Big Short’ , Managing Director, Portfolio M, Neuberger Berman (Eisman group)

Steve Eisman

The inspiration behind ‘The Big Short’ , Managing Director, Portfolio M
Neuberger Berman (Eisman group)

Challenging The Status Quo

  • FAD or opportunity- Do cryptocurrencies have potential to play a role as part of an FX portfolio?
  • Do cryptocurrencies present a real opportunity or are they too risky as an investment for your clients?
  • Are technological developments actually enabling the trading of cryptocurrencies?
  • What developments in crypto markets would we need to see for this to become a reality? Is this too far-fetched?


Michael Melvin

Executive Director
Rady School of Management UCSD

Garth Appelt

Managing Director Head of Foreign Exchange
Mizuho Americas

Brad Bailey

Research Director

Steven Englander

Head of Research and Strategy
Rafiki Capital Management

Paul Chappell

Chairman of C-View Limited and ACI Director of Education
True- Mayra Rodriguez Valladares, Managing Principal, MRV Associates
False- Eric Busay, Senior Investment Officer, Mountain Pacific Group
True- John Bird, Chief Operating Officer, Tixall Global Advisors

  • Outlining the pros and cons- Do the positives outweigh any negatives since the regulatory regime started post 2008?
  • How have various regulatory frameworks impacted how the buy and sell side trade and has this overall impact been positive or negative?
  • Is the new FX market structure more efficient and reliable under this regulatory regime or is it now insufficient to meet the demands of end investors?
  • Is further regulatory reform needed to alter markets further or does MiFID II signal the end of major market regulation?


Michael Melvin

Executive Director
Rady School of Management UCSD

Mayra Rodriguez Valladares

Managing Principal
MRV Associates

Eric Busay

Senior Investment Officer
Mountain Pacific Group

John Bird

Chief Operating Officer
Tixall Global Advisors

Dan Viola

Sadis and Goldberg

Join our Chatham House FX Working Groups, where you will have the option to join two separate roundtables on a particular topic with 10 of your peers. Take the perfect opportunity before you leave to Share ideas and best practice processes with your FX peers around a particular challenge or opportunity and walk away with practical solutions which you can apply when you are back at your desk.

TradeTech FX Working Groups Taking place in the Ocean Garden- Lunch and drinks to be served

Roundtable 1:
What makes a credible TCA system- Outlining the building blocks for obtaining reliable pre and post trade FX TCA
Hosted by Ruben Costa-Santos, Head of FX, ITG
Chris Escobar, ITG
Pete Salvatore, ITG

Roundtable 2:
Algo selection in relevance to certain strategies- How can you establish when to use algos and measure what algos are best suited to particular trades?

Roundtable 3:
Improving access to Liquidity- How can you ensure you have the right liquidity streams on the back of decreased risk-warehousing from the sell side?
Hosted by Michael Koegler, Principal, ViableMKTS

Roundtable 4:
Code of Conduct- What has changed since the code was implemented and how is it being followed by all market participants?
Hosted by David Puth, Chief Executive Officer, CLS Bank International and Vice Chair, Global Foreign Exchange Committee

Roundtable 5:
Uncleared variation margin 1 year on - How have buy side trading models adapted and are you efficiently managing this transition?
Hosted by Victoria Cumings, MD, Americas- Global FX Division, GFMA


Michael Koegler


Ruben Costa-Santos

Head of FX

David Puth

Chief Executive Officer, CLS Bank International and Vice Chair
Global Foreign Exchange Committee

Victoria Cumings

Managing Director Americas, Global FX Division
Roundtable 1:
FX Alpha Generation- Carry vs. Momentum vs. Value- What strategies are best suited to the current compressed rate environment?
Hosted by Michael Melvin, Executive Director, Rady School of Management UCSD

Roundtable 2:
A bullish Euro- Will the Euro’s rise continue into 2018 with a more stable European landscape?
Hosted by Paul Richards, President, Medley Global Advisors

Roundtable 3:
FX Emerging Markets- Where are the biggest opportunities in FXEM in 2018?
Hosted by Alejo Czerwonko, Director, Emerging Markets Investment Strategy, UBS Wealth Management

Roundtable 4:
Are the Chinese debt woes coming to roost- What will happen with the currency regime in China and how will this impact the investment landscape?
Hosted by Ben Emons, Head of Portfolio Management, Intellectus Partners


Michael Melvin

Executive Director
Rady School of Management UCSD

Alejo Czerwonko

Director, Emerging Markets Investment Strategy
UBS Wealth Management

Ben Emons

Head of Portfolio Management
Intellectus Partners

2:00 PM - 2:05 PM Chairperson’s Closing Remarks

Michael Melvin, Executive Director, Rady School of Management UCSD


Michael Melvin

Executive Director
Rady School of Management UCSD

2:05 PM - 2:10 PM Conference Close