TradeTech FX USA 2018

February 12-February 14, 2018

Eden Roc Hotel, Miami FL.

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Brad Bailey

Research Director
Capital markets fintech. My 22 year Wall Street career has focused on market structure, trading technology, innovation, and partnership building. I assist firms in balancing existing infrastructure with emerging technologies. • Influencer-identify innovative technologies and disruptive business models that bridge fintech and financial technology. • Research Director focusing on industry competition, business model evolution, analytics, market data, trading platforms and venues, strategy, product development, channel strategy, strategic marketing & quant trading. • Passion for data and the story it tells about the generational shift in the capital markets taking place. • Trading technologist with deep technical understanding across stack of trading infrastructure. Global executive with extensive work experience in Europe, Japan and China. Expertise: Electronic Trading | Market Structure | FX | Fixed Income | Derivatives | Analytics | Market Data | Trading Technology | Electronic Market Making | DLT | Blockchain | Algorithmic Trading | Equities | Securities Regulation | Regulatory Engagement | Business Analysis | Order Routing | Options

10:10 AM All Star Panel: Striking the right balance when adopting new electronic trading tools- How are leading buy side firms using different trading protocols and incorporating them into their workflow to drive down costs?

ü  Compare and contrast- What are the pros and cons of different types of FX trading protocols available to the buy side?
ü  Execution beyond RFQ- Where is the future of electronic trading heading with new innovations across SDP and MDPs?
ü  In an RFQ dominated market, is the market structure and technology ready for a dominant Central Limit Order Book (CLOB) model?
ü  Disclosed vs. anonymous- Is the need for relationship based trading growing with more flash crashes and increasingly stressed market conditions?
How can a consolidation be brought amongst trading venues and protocols without stifling open and fair competition to bring a more efficient market for all?

4:30 PM 360 Perspective : The co-existence of clearing and FX Prime Brokers- How are capital efficiencies of clearing driving changes in market structure and what impact will this have on your FXPB counterparties?

  • With the introduction of uncleared margin rules (UMR) and variation margin rules (VMR) in 2017 what impact is this having on FX products, clearing and the market structure? 
  • Challenging conventional wisdom- Analyzing the impact of increased clearing and the impact on the FXPB landscape 
  • With ongoing challenges around balance sheets, leverage ratio, uncleared margin rules and increased costs around infrastructure, how are FXPB models adapting to meet buy side needs?
  • The impact on liquidity in the clearing market- How is this becoming a bigger driver and pushing products to be cleared? 
  • Assessing liquidity in cleared vs. uncleared markets- How does this compare and what are the pricing differences? 

11:50 AM Oxford Style Debate: True or False- Cryptocurrencies can realistically have a significant role as part of an institutional investment

  • FAD or opportunity- Do cryptocurrencies have potential to play a role as part of an FX portfolio? 
  • Do cryptocurrencies present a real opportunity or are they too risky as an investment for your clients? 
  • Are technological developments actually enabling the trading of cryptocurrencies?
  • What developments in crypto markets would we need to see for this to become a reality? Is this too far-fetched? 

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