TradeTech FX USA 2018

February 12-February 14, 2018

Eden Roc Hotel, Miami FL.

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Isaac Lieberman

President and CEO
Aston Capital Management
Isaac Lieberman founded Aston Capital Management as a quantitative hedge fund in November 2013 and currently serves as Chief Executive Officer. As a veteran trader of proprietary quantitative strategies, Isaac has more than 20 years of experience trading in global FX and Fixed Income markets. Prior to founding Aston Capital Management, Isaac was Managing Director at J.P. Morgan where he was the Head of Algorithmic Trading and the Head of Electronic FX Options Trading. Before joining J.P Morgan in 2008, Isaac was Head of the FX and Fixed Income division in the Principal Strategies Group at Bear Stearns where he worked from 1996.

10:10 AM All Star Panel: Striking the right balance when adopting new electronic trading tools- How are leading buy side firms using different trading protocols and incorporating them into their workflow to drive down costs?

ü  Compare and contrast- What are the pros and cons of different types of FX trading protocols available to the buy side?
ü  Execution beyond RFQ- Where is the future of electronic trading heading with new innovations across SDP and MDPs?
ü  In an RFQ dominated market, is the market structure and technology ready for a dominant Central Limit Order Book (CLOB) model?
ü  Disclosed vs. anonymous- Is the need for relationship based trading growing with more flash crashes and increasingly stressed market conditions?
How can a consolidation be brought amongst trading venues and protocols without stifling open and fair competition to bring a more efficient market for all?

3:20 PM 360 Perspective: Broadening your access to liquidity- How can you incorporate new flows into your network for improved liquidity?

  • The state of FX liquidity in 2018- Have FX market volumes already peaked  and are now declining or is the current dip in market volume just representing a cyclical change?
  • What options are available for buy side firms to expand their access to new sources of liquidity and what steps can you take to incorporate this into your workflow?
  • Establishing good liquidity- How can you measure the performance of your liquidity providers to establish the best partners in different trading scenarios?
  • How can you best manage your liquidity relationships to ensure you have access during times of market stress?

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