TradeTech FX USA 2019

February 13 - 15, 2019

National Doral, Miami

44 (0) 207 036 1355

Marc Chandler

Chief Market Strategist, Managing Partner
Bannockburn Global Forex

12:10 PM In Conversation: The global vision for 2019- Where do the top alpha opportunities reside and how can you best capitalize on these for enhanced returns?

Live polling and interactive audience Q&A during this session
Moderator: Marc Chandler, Chief Market Strategist, Managing Partner, Bannockburn Global Forex
US Macro: Paresh Upadhyaya, Currency Strategy Director, Pioneer Investments
European Macro:Alessio de Longis, Vice President, Portfolio Manager and Macro Strategist, Oppenheimer Funds
Asia Macro: Michael Cheah, Academic Director, MS Global Finance, Fordham University
EM Macro: Win Thin, Global Head of Strategy, Brown Brothers Harriman
Ø  US Macro view- FED Policy in the age of Trump. What is the first cut for FED funds and where will they peak?
Þ     Foreign Exchange in times of US interest rate differentials- What impact will a US rate hike have on the dollar and how should you factor this into your investment strategy?
Ø  EU macro view- Risk segregation and market fragility in the Eurozone- Where do the biggest risks and opportunities lie?
Þ     When will the ECB begin quantitative tightening and what impact will this have on both the currency and volatility?
Ø  Asia Macro View- A new chapter in Chinese currency policy- How is Chinese monetary policy impacting FX flows?
Þ     Will the liberalization of Chinese FX policy entice other markets in APAC to do the same?
Ø What is the best trading opportunity and why across each region, and how can you best capitalize on this?

2:20 PM 360 Perspective: From divergence to convergence- What impact will the move towards quantitative tightening have on volatility and how should you position your portfolio to enhance returns?

Ø  Fed rate-hiking cycles- Where are we now and what is the forecast for the year ahead?
Ø  How are the ECB responding to the end of their own Quantitative Easing scheme and what is the strategy for tapering?
Ø  How will FED rate hikes and the potential for monetary policy convergence globally impact the strength of the USD?
Ø  What role can FX play in a potentially lower return environment as a result of rate hikes and how can you acclimatize to this new environment?
Ø  New opportunities for FX investors- What is your trade relating to monetary policy with exchange rates and exchange rate forecasting?

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Marc.

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