TradeTech FX USA 2019

February 13 - 15, 2019

National Doral, Miami

44 (0) 207 036 1355

Michael Melvin

Executive Director
Rady School of Management UCSD

2:20 PM 360 Perspective: From divergence to convergence- What impact will the move towards quantitative tightening have on volatility and how should you position your portfolio to enhance returns?

Ø  Fed rate-hiking cycles- Where are we now and what is the forecast for the year ahead?
Ø  How are the ECB responding to the end of their own Quantitative Easing scheme and what is the strategy for tapering?
Ø  How will FED rate hikes and the potential for monetary policy convergence globally impact the strength of the USD?
Ø  What role can FX play in a potentially lower return environment as a result of rate hikes and how can you acclimatize to this new environment?
Ø  New opportunities for FX investors- What is your trade relating to monetary policy with exchange rates and exchange rate forecasting?

3:00 PM Case Study Revolution: Turning big data into smart data- How can you put new and alternative data sources to work and convert these into alpha generation opportunities?

Ø  How can superior data sets and methods of extracting information from data give you an advantage in investing?
Ø  What alternative forms of data are the buy side using now to build out their portfolios and come up with new trade ideas?
Ø  How can you integrate new data insights into your existing workflow, with alternative data (satellite information, weather data, foot traffic, etc.) and social media data adoption a growing focus?
Ø  Turning data into alpha- How can you manage and utilize this data to extract new actionable trade ideas?
Combining AI with big data- How can a data-driven, scientifically based and technologically aware research culture can produce sustainable alpha?

4:10 PM Oxford Style Debate: True or False- With rising rates, trade wars and political uncertainty the sell off in emerging markets is set to continue

Chatham House Rule
Ø  Assessing the cases for a bullish or bearish market in 2019- What drivers will impact your EM investing?
Ø  What are the cases for a reversal in sentiment and technicalities which would make EM investing more attractive in 2019?
Ø  Will the forecasted interest rate rises in 2019 positively or negatively affect EM markets in 2019?
Ø Is political uncertainty set to continue to derail EM investing in the year ahead or are we set for a more stable year?

9:40 AM Oxford Style Debate: Will it be Bull or Bear for USD in 2019

Bull:Robert Savage, CEO, CC Track Solutions
Bear:Ulf Lindahl, Portfolio Manager, AG Bisset Associates
Bear:Chung Ma, Senior Portfolio Manager, Virginia Retirement System

Ø  Interest rate and economic growth differentials- What impact will this have on financial flows and what does this mean for the USD over the next 12 months?
Ø  What are the three biggest fundamental forces that will impact the performance of the dollar how should you factor these movements in your investment decisions?
Ø  The case for a bullish dollar- How will US market drivers influence the return to a stronger USD in 2019?
Ø The case for a bearish dollar- What are they key indicators that forecast the continued downturn of the USD in 2019?

2:20 PM Oxford Style Debate: Bringing cryptocurrency into the mass market- Should buy side FX traders incorporate them into their flow?

Yes- Denis Popov, CEO, Atto Trading Technologies

Ø  Why have some institutions moved into the crypto space and why are other large bank, asset managers and hedged funds still reluctant?
Ø  Is the market still too young and has too many infrastructure and regulatory issues to be brought to mainstream portfolios?
Ø  How would crypto exposure impact an FX trader’s portfolio- Do the volatility advantages outweigh the risks?
Ø Is there enough growth potential and opportunity in this space to suggest that mainstream cryptocurrency trading is inevitable?

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Michael.

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