TradeTech FX USA 2019

February 13 - 15, 2019

National Doral, Miami

44 (0) 207 036 1355

Ms Mayra Rodriguez Valladares

Managing Principal
MRV Associates

11:10 AM 360 Perspective: Best Execution transparency and investor protection- How can you efficiently trade in the current fragmented global regulatory environment?

Ø  Shifting paradigms in 2019- What aspects of the global regulatory environment are set to impact the way FX markets function in the year ahead?
Ø  MiFID II 1 year on- What has been the global impact on liquidity and best execution and what tweaks have been made to trading protocols?
Ø  Raising the bar for best execution- What are buy side firms demanding of best ex in Europe vs the US?
Ø  Global best execution dynamics- When working with counterparts across different geographies how do you ensure you are working with the best partners to prove best execution?
Ø Shifting liquidity dynamics- How can you best navigate fragmented regulations across global jurisdictions to minimize bifurcation of liquidity

1:50 PM Oxford Style Debate: The buy side stance on the BIS Code of Conduct- Is it enough to curb misconduct and focus on restoring confidence in FX markets or are further tweaks still required

No-  Mayra Rodriguez Valladares, Managing Principal, MRV Associates
No- Javier Paz, Managing Director and Founder, Forex Data Source

Ø  Do the 55 principles within the code of conduct go far enough in terms of changing market participants behavior or are these guidelines just ‘common sense’?
Ø  Last look and pre-hedging- are the guidelines suffice enough to stop misconduct or can it still lead to market manipulation?
Ø  Since its inception in 2017 has the code of conduct actually changed behavior in FX markets?
Ø  Should the code makers be more pro-active or are the guidelines more reactive in their nature?
Ø The case for and against- Should you sign up to the code of conduct in its current form or are further tweaks to be made before you commit?

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